About Us

De Era Wellness Specialist (DEWS) is a home grown Aesthetic Spa brand that is supported by distinctive aesthetic doctors and a dedicated team of qualified beauty and wellness professionals. We offer ultimate prevention, restorative therapy and personal aesthetic care at affordable price, but with an exclusive and luxury experience. A place of transformation, we utilize an integrative medical approach in a soothing environment to optimize each client’s beauty, lifestyle and well-being.


To deliver wellness and aesthetic treatments to our patients with utmost safety and highest ethical value with special attention to individual patients’ needs. At DEWS, we believe that a longer and fuller life begins with inner balance between mind, body and soul. Therefore, OUR CONCEPT is based on functional medicine.


A 360ᴼ Total Wellness concept that aims to deliver natural results with minimum discomfort and downtime with the latest technologies and advances to enhance your innermost beauty and skin’s natural elegance. At DEWS, we focus on three unique wellness and counselling services:
01 / Personalised Wellness and Beauty Counselling (PWBC)
02 / Personalised Nutritional Counselling (PNC)
03 / Personalised Fitness Counselling (PTC)
Our holistic approach to medical wellbeing uses a combination of inner and outer boosters, which ultimately bring the beauty from inside out and keep your confidence up!